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Alambik Exporter for 3D Studio Max  v.1.0

Alambik Exporter for 3D Studio Max 1.0 is a powerful tool that gives you the opportunity to preview and export 3D meshes , to preview and export materials and to compress and optimize 3DSMAX files up to 75%! and then export them for use in any

Valve Map File Exporter for 3D Studio MA  v.1.0

This project aims on creating a maxscript exporter to the Valve Map

OpenSceneGraph Max Exporter  v.1.0.1

A 3D Studio Max Plugin for exporting models to the native OpenSceneGraph (

TurnToolBox2011  v.2011-02-08

Shape It! Show It! Sell It! What is TurnTool? With the TurnTool software you can make 3D models available for everyone online on the internet or offline from CDROM, USB or from your computer. TurnToolBox is a plug-in for 3D Studio Max and enables

Super Ellipsoid  v.1.0

This is one of the very fist plug-ins ever written for 3D Studio MAX. Its a primitive object which changes shape according to its two parameters. The initial version is distributed via Bobos web site. These were the days you could follow all the news

IVCON  v.1.0

IVCON can read and write a small variety of 3D graphics file formats, converting from one to the other. Currently supported formats are:3DS - AutoCAD 3D Studio Max binary files; ASE - AutoCAD ASCII export files; BYU - Movie.BYU surface geometry

Scene Manager for 3dsmax  v.9.102006

Scene manager is a plugin for Autodesk 3d Studio Max that allows a quick and easy overview and manipulation of complex

Schematic Material Editor for 3dsmax  v.9.015

A generalized schematic material editing system plugin for Autodesk 3d Studio Max. Please use SVN to access source

Project Society  v.1.0

-Programming language: C, C++-Modelling: 3d Studio Max-OS: win32,maybe linux too-MMORPG-Fantasy world-Not hack'n'slash -Good economic(You don't have to kill monsetrs, if you dont want, you can earn your living for example as a bee-keeper)

Hummingbird  v.1.0

Hummingbird is a MaxScript that allows 3D Studio Max users to create dynamic bullet-time effects.

GoeiemOGL  v.1.0

This .NET 2.0/C# application can load a 3D Studio Max model from file (3DS files) and render it in OpenGL using the TAO/OpenGL library.

MSX Gauntlet  v.1.0

MSX Gauntlet is a collection of scripts, plugins and dotNet assemblies for Autodesk 3D Studio Max, a coherent framework with code and doco standards designed to ease the development of higher level tools and to distribute these tools to artists.

Expression Facial Animation System  v.1.0

Real time facial animation package based on muscle model of the face. Includes basic scripting language, full API, animation compositing, tools for creating and exporting muscles in 3D studio

Vectrix3D  v.rc.0.1.1

A "learning by coding" type of 3D-studio with a basic set of features. Include a pure software-implemented renderer with support for per-pixel operations (such as Phong), textures, alpha/bump/environment-mapping

Jlibio3d  v.1.0

This project allows to read 3D Studio ".3DS" files. Support for other formats coming soon.

LibASE  v.1.0

libASE is an overall software library for managing 3D-Studio ASE files.

Lib3ds  v.1.0

lib3ds is an overall software library for managing 3D-Studio Release 3 and 4 ".3DS" files.

Cash Invaders  v.1.1

Cash Invaders is a space shooting game for MS-DOS. You shoot aliens to earn money, with that money you can buy power-ups. There are 100 levels plus 9 bonus levels. The game mixes elements from Space Invaders, Blood Money and other games.

3D Screen Creator  v.0.3.5

3D Screen Creator is a tool to create 3D real time animations or screensavers. You can create your own executable or your own screensaver using only a visual interface and without any line of code. You can import your 3D objects from your favorite 3D

Anim8or  v.0.95C

Anim8or is a simple and easy-to-use application for character animation and 3D modeling creation. While it is far from a complete professional level application like 3DStudio MAX or Lightwave, it has enough capability to be of use to others.

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